posted on: Friday, August 30, 2013

Clearly this was a sad chair and in need of some help. The supports were literally desintegrating and the finish was uneven and gunky. I debated getting new supports made, however, knowing we are going to spend an arm and a leg getting our Eames lounge chair fixed I opted to do this one on the cheap.

After reading reviews I decided to try Zinsser Magic Strip Citrus Action. I was really pleased with how it worked. For a stripper the smell was so mild. I worked in our garage with the door up, but I could have easily done this in the basement and not have been bothered by fumes. I should mention it was a little tricky working on a piece that had so many vertical surfaces. Even though the gel was thick it tended to run down. If I wanted to spend more time on this project I could have done it one side at a time, but that is on me - not the product.

In the picture above you can see the green globs. I applied a pretty thick coat per their instructions. Next you can see the Magic Strip dripping off. Obviously it is doing a pretty good job even in a short period of time. The brown on the drop cloth is the old finish. I started this project in the morning and removed the Magic Strip a solid twelve hours later. It did a great job. 

Now that the old finish was stripped off the beautiful woodgrain was really showing through. In order to preserve this look I sanded the whole piece by hand with 220 grit sandpaper then applied a couple coats of teak oil. Make sure you let the teak oil really soak in and then apply again. Depending on how thirsty your wood is it might require more than two applications. Finally I applied two coats of Howard Feed-N-Wax to really seal in the moisture.
Next I had to rebuild the chair's seat. Like I said I decided to do this on the cheap. I picked up my chair webbing at Jo-Ann's with a 50% off coupon. I think it cost me about $5. Then I watched this video over and over. I don't have all of her fancy upholstery tools, so I enlisted my husband's help. Between the two of us we were able to stretch the webbing and then quickly staple it to the frame. When I finished I did stand on the seat like she suggested to test out our work. No problems.   

And finally here she is in all her glory! (Not to mention the repotted snake plant and massive new tray.) I must say all three are much more easy on the eyes.


posted on: Saturday, August 3, 2013

 Maybe I should have entitled this, The Chair & A Tray. More on the process to come.


posted on: Sunday, July 14, 2013

Midland Arts & Antique Market, you are killing it. I had about 30 minutes to run through this HUGE place. These are just a few things I liked. Someone please hire me to buy furniture for you. I can't stand walking away empty handed.

teak storage box $45 / velvet sofa $345
marble coffee table $120 / large antique beveled edge mirror $85
stacking chairs $30 / handcrafted lamps $60 + up


posted on: Friday, June 28, 2013

I've had this chair for about four years now. It has treated us well but one by one the seat supports have been breaking. In its current state, if you're a grown adult you will about fall through. Something has to be done. 

The chair definitely has some finish issues as well - nothing I couldn't live with but I've decided before I re-web the seat I'm going to strip and refinish it. The plan is to use Zinsser Citrus Action Gel and Howard Feed-N-Wax. I'm so excited to see how this turns out. Those arms are so sexy - they deserve a little lovin'.

side note: This project is taking priority because this happened to my Grandma's Eames Lounge Chair. (Warning - it's a little shocking!) And no worries, we are going to get it fixed. 


posted on: Thursday, June 20, 2013

Do you see that price tag? $2.99 + $7.99 shade from Target = a happy dresser


posted on: Monday, May 13, 2013

I have a wall that is giving me problems and it is literally the first thing you see when you walk into our home. And yes, it bothers me EVERY SINGLE TIME I see it. The front half of our home is completely open: living room, entry, dining room, and kitchen. This wall is part of the entry and the backdrop of the dining room. It has a built-in simple china cabinet that is full of my favorite dishes. I have a pair of amazing photographs on one side above my grandmother's white and chrome entry table and a collection of plates on the other. I finally painted it a charcoal gray which helps define the china cabinet while tying in with the black used throughout our home. But still, something is lacking - life, texture, an element of fun. 

It hit me the other day that maybe what I needed wasn't a different lamp on the entry table or plant. Maybe what I needed was wallpaper. I've decided that charcoal/black is definitely the right choice for the wall. And at first I was thinking grasscloth for the texture, but I still felt like I would be missing something. Then I found this beautiful fern wallpaper by Graham & Brown. I seriously can't get it out of my head. The pattern is subtle which allows it to remain neutral. At the same time the wallpaper will add texture and that bit of whimsy I was missing.  

Now I just have to get the courage up and pull the trigger. I know wallpaper has changed over the years and it is so much easier to use (and remove). I've just taken down so much wallpaper in the past and I wonder if the next owners will cringe at the sight of my wallpaper like I cringed at the sight of the previous owner's wallpaper. 

Okay, I think this is where I just need to listen to my gut and go with it. The wall needs something and another accessory won't fix it. Sometimes you just need to cover your walls in ferns.  


posted on: Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Oh, the beauty of Instagram. This photo makes my dresser look WAY better than it is. In reality the top has some finish issues and there are a few nicks here and there. We bought it as part of a matching set from the previous owners. We paid $75 for everything. I have plans to put the taller dresser and full bed in Nelson's big boy room.  That is - once I paint them all. I've been stewing over the color for years now and I think I've finally made my decision: RUST-OLEUM Gloss Black Enamel Paint.

In reality I won't get to this project until mid-June. We have a vacation coming up and I also need to get rid of a few things that are taking up valuable painting space in the basement. Craigslist here I come.  

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